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The Lebanese Hospital Geitaoui - UMC, one of the first hospitals in Lebanon, was founded in 1927 by father Joseph Selwan Geitaoui. The hospital administration was entrusted by the founder to the Congregation of the Maronite Sisters of the Holy Family established by Patriarch Elias El Hoyek in 1895. 

As a multidisciplinary care hospital, the Lebanese Hospital Geitaoui - UMC is a religious non-profit hospital with mission to treat all patients without any exception regardless of race, class or creed. It is a Church property, a Wakf, and benevolently is administrated. The medical body is carefully selected and acts as a liberal profession.

The board of directors is headed by Mother Marie Antoinette Saadeh, Superior General of the Maronite Sisters. Sister Hadia Abi Chebli and the former Dean of Faculty of Medical Sciences at the Lebanese University Professor Pierre Yared are in charge the general management. 

The Lebanese Hospital Geitaoui has acquired in 2013 the status of University Medical Center upon the signature of an agreement with the Faculty of Medical Sciences of the Lebanese University.

Since its foundation, the Lebanese Hospital Geitaoui - UMC has been a pioneer in providing the newest technologies. The Lebanese Hospital Geitaoui - UMC provides currently 160 beds to be extended to 250 beds by 2018.

  • 1969: first hemodialysis equipment in Lebanon
  • 1981: first CT scanner imaging center in Lebanon
  • 1988: first lithotripsy center in Lebanon
  • 1991: first MRI equipment in Lebanon
  • 1992: first center in Lebanon for the serverely burnt patients
  • 1996: cardiac catheterization unit for pediatrics and neonatology 
  • 2006: acquisition of a MDCT scanner with a sophisticated software for the diagnosis of cardio-vascular pathologies
  • 2013: status of Unversity Medical Center. Click on this link to watch the video.
  • 2014: implementation of a new generation PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) for Medical Imaging Department.
  • 2015: Opening of an Excellency Center for Hypertension.
  • 2016 : Opening of an Excellency for Neurophysiology (May 2016) and of an Excellency Center for Obesity treatment (August 2016).
  • 2017 : Opening of the new building on March 18th.

Check out the hospital documentary released on March 2017 to celebrate the 90 years for the hospital.