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Your Discharge

The discharge from hospital is an important moment awaited by all patients, therefore it requires an administrative and clinical collaboration of medical staff, paramedical and administrative staff, to ensure satisfaction and patient safety.

We have summarized in the following table the list of steps related to hospital discharge.




Follow up desk

During hospitalization, the follow up desk will manage the extension of your stay, will get the necessary approvals, and will calculate the fees and charges to be paid by the patient in coordination with the third party payers and the insurance companies.

All the amount previously paid by patient will be deducted from his final bill upon discharge.

Docto's visit

The patient discharge occurs upon medical decision.

Your treating doctor or his assistant will examine you to give his approval to your discharge, based on your health status and your latest medical test results.

Cashier You will receive a call from the cashier when your bill is finalized. Present yourself to the cashier desk, and take your discharge voucher.
Hospitalization service

Give your discharge voucher to the floor nurse.

The nurse will give you the results of exams performed during your stay as well as your medical prescription.

Upon the submission of the discharge voucher, we kindly request patients to make the room available as soon as possible to accomodate subsequent admissions.

Before leaving the service, make sure that:

  • That you have got your medical prescription and that the drugs and treatments to be taken at home have been well explained to you,
  • That you know the symptoms to be expected upon your discharge as well as the signs of which you should alert your treating doctor,
  • That you fixed an  appoitment to follow up with your doctor.