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Patient Safety Week (14th - 18th March 2016)

The Patient Safety Awareness week consisted of 3 days of multi-disciplinary presentations where the speakers demonstrated how they ensure the safety of their patients in their department.


Each day also included an interactive acting sketch where our participants presented various patient care processes, where the audience was encouraged to point out the errors that were displayed.


Moreover, throughout the week, Patient Safety Awareness badges were distributed to all hospital staff, and educational awareness banners were displayed in various points of the hospital.



Patient Safety Week Program

   DAY 1 – MONDAY 14th March 2016

Sr. Hadia Abi Chebli & Dr. Pierre Yared– Opening talk

Dr. Julien Sfeir – Prevention of Deep Vein Thrombosis

Mrs. Maguy Abu Assi-Infection Control and Prevention

SKETCH : Actors: Maguy Abu Assi, Thérèse Khawaja, Michel Elias, Melody Saikali

Mrs. Marie Boyadjian – Admissions role in Patient Safety

Ms. Rana Mhanna – Pressure Ulcer Management

Mr. Antoine Saab – Control & Measure of Patient Safety

Dr. Carole Dib – Safety Controls in the Medication Circuit

Dr. Evelyne Helou - Management of Febrile Neutropenia

DAY 2 - WEDNESDAY 16th March, 2016

Dr. José Khabbouth– Patient Safety in Dialysis Management

Mr. Tony Zaiter – Emergency Patient Care Management

SKETCH: Actors: Tony Zaiter, Vahan Mamoulian, Maggy Abu Assi, Melody Saikali

Mrs. Caroline Assaf – Control of non-conformities in CSSD

Dr. Joe El-Hawa – Post-Op Pain Management

Mr. Pierre Assaker: MRI Safety

Dr. Fadi Hobeiche- Clinical Diagnostic controls in the Laboratory

Dr. Maroun Sadek – Role of the intern/resident in Patient Safety

DAY 3 - THURSDAY 17th March, 2016

Dr. Nathalie Karam- Patient Safety improvements in the ICU

Mrs. Jessy Nehme – Universal Protocol in the OR

Ms. Silvana Noun – Medication and Communication Safety

SKETCH: Actors: Sylvana Noun, Mariam Choucair , Josephine Nehme, Maggy Abu Assi, Semaan Youssef , Sherif Khaled , Melody Saikali

Dr. Fadi Hobeiche -Transfusion Safety

Dr. Nabil Khoury- Novel Strategies to Improve Patient Safety in Cardiology

Ms. Rita Roukouz: Role of the Practical Nurse in Patient Safety