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Blood Bank

The Blood Transfusion Centre of the Lebanese Hospital Geitaoui-UMC provides service only to this healthcare facility.

Blood transfusion is an essential therapeutic activity in a multidisciplinary hospital.

The Blood Transfusion Center's mission is to:
• Ensure blood transfusion to patients in compliance with national and international rules governing blood donation, validation, preparation, its supply and distribution to patients.
• Establish guidelines and protocols on the therapeutic use of blood and blood products in the hospital.
• Ensure blood safety of patients and future transfusion.
• Ensure traceability of blood products through the Blood Safety and Transfusion committee.
• Promote education and training in the field of therapeutic use of blood and blood products.
• Conduct and participate in any action that might contribute to quality assurance in Blood Products Transfusion at the local and national level.

The Transfusion Centre is open 7/7 and ensures a permanency of 24h / 24h for the distribution service.
The regular office hours for blood donation are from 7am → 21h outside of emergency cases.

For more information, please  contact 01-590000 ext 0020/0021