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Respiratory Explorations

The Pulmonary Explorations Unit in collaboration with the Neurophysiology Unit at the Lebanese Hospital Geitaoui-UMC offers ''state of the art '' monitoring tests for both Sleep and Epilepsy studies for premature , children and adult patients. 


Sleep Apnea can be a cause for  serious health problems. Some children can have their growth and intellectual performance affected. Over time Sleep Apnea can cause high blood pressure and lead to a higher risk of Heart Disease . Feeling Sleepy during the day , such as during work ,school or driving may generate many major problems. 


In addition to this, it offers also a large spectrum  of standards respiratory function tests : 

  1. The Pulmonary Function Test (PFT) which includes :
    • The Spirometry test ( Flow Volume Loop)
    • The measurement of Lung Volumes
    • The Single Breath test DLCO .

The PFT is a physiological test that measures how an individual inhaled or exhales volumes of Air as a function of time. 

This test is helpful in :

-Evaluating Symptoms or Signs or the effect of the disease(help in differentiating pulmonary versus cardiac Etiology),

  • Screening individuals at risk of having pulmonary disease (COPD...),
  • Assessing Pre-operative risk, 
  • Monitoring Adverse reaction to drugs with known pulmonary toxicities,
  • Assessing therapeutic interventions and many other issues. 


2. Bronchoscopy : is a visual exam of the airways that is helpful to get specimens from the lungs (lung Biopsy , Bronchoalveolar lavage or Mucus Aspiration for  Cytology and  Cultures ..) 

3. Interventional Bronchoscopy:  Airway Stent placement (Airway Obstruction : lung Cancer , Post IntubationStenosis...), (Cryotherapy ( Lung Cancer Bleeding ...), etc.



For any information, please contact:  01-590000 ext 0200