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Emergency Medicine

The Emergency Department (ED) at the Lebanese Hospital Geitaoui-UMC provides care to patients with serious or life threatening illnesses that require urgent attention. This may include resuscitation, diagnostic testing, stabilization and possibly admission to hospital. These patients may have suffered serious conditions such as road traffic trauma, heart attacks, hemorrhage, burns, head injuries, acute abdominal pain, fractures, eye injuries, respiratory diseases (eg asthma), and other acute problems.

Patients are first assessed and triaged according to the severity and urgency of the case,  and treated  by the nurses and physicians of the Emergency Department as soon as possible, and in all cases within the time limits predefined in the triaging procedure. The patients then may be discharged home with a prescription and a medical follow up,  referred to a specialist, or admitted to a medical department.

The Emergency Department also has a major role in the training of student nurses, doctors and specialists. Every patient is seen and treated by a qualified doctor and a senior emergency nurse who may be accompanied by students (interns, residents).

It is planned that the ED will manage emergency airlifts by the end of 2017, for quick rescue services.

The Emergency Department (ED) is operational 24 / 24 and 7 / 7, and can be contacted on the following number:  01 - 590000 Ext :1000